KO Fight Gear Standard Thai Pads Review

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KO Fight Gear Standard Thai Pads Review


Per Manufacturer-If there was a product design award for muay thai mma gear, then the KO Fightgear muay thai pads would win first place “hands down”. The KO Fightgear EZ-On / EZ-Off hook and loop velcro fastening system makes working with these thai pads a dream. Our competitors still sell pads with buckles or tiny Velcro straps which are obsolete. The KO Fightgear pads are built extra tough for advance skills, the school environment, when your training partner “kicks like a mule”, and if you’re just starting out. For example, the straps are triple riveted and “X” stitched to the pads. Even after break-in, the pads stay firm. This isn’t us “crowing”, but positive feedback from numerous satisfied customers, including US Military combatives instructors. Pads are constructed of genuine cowhide leather.

First Impression- These came in a fairly large box and I could not wait to get it open. I pulled them out and inspected them and they looked great. They were very stiff but that’s kind of what I expected and I knew that I was going to have some fun with these.

Fit and Finish– These pads are very well constructed. No loose stitching and everything was nice and tight. The hook and loop closure worked very well. I like the closure system on these much better then on some where it is two straps of Velcro that must be stuck together. I found that I could easily put these on by myself where as sometimes with other thai pads it is hard to put one on after you already have one on. They are the perfect size coming in at 15″ long by 8″ wide and 4″ thick. I also really enjoyed the color however there are some black marks on them but that is to be expected with use.

Comfort– When I first got these they were very stiff. Almost a little uncomfortable to have on but once I got the straps to loosen up and give a little bit they have become much more comfortable. They are not too heavy either. I found that with the angle you hand hits the grips that your hand does not become fatigued to quickly.

Stand up– The main use for these would be during some stand up training sessions and they work well for everything. I enjoyed doing not only boxing type workouts on these but they worked great for the kicks, knees and elbows of muay thai. Not too hard but not too soft.

Great Craftsmanship
Good Feel
Good Weight

Cons– Black marks left on them from workouts

Overall– I loved these thai pads. I have used many thai pads in my time and these rank up there with all the big name brands. If you are looking for thai pads for either your gym or home use definitely think about giving these a try. You can get them at http://www.kofightgear.com for around $79 a pair.

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