Worst UFC belt ever

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ufc custom belt

While looking at things I can not afford on eBay, I came upon this custom belt for action figures. Yup, that is supposed to be the UFC championship belt. This eyesore started as a Jakks Pacific WWE Undisputed title accessory and the seller has crudely painted the words UFC on top of it ( I assume he painted it but it really just looks poorly photoshopped ).

This seller actually has some nice custom painted belts when he puts some effort in them, but belts like this and this fugly fellow that is supposed to be the ECW tag titles, you start wondering what the difference is between being lazy and just being stupid. Bidding for the UFC belt ends on Monday at 8:30 PST, so if you desire to own this sweet belt for yourself, go ahead and take a photo of your disappointed face once you see it in person.

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