Minowaman plays “No More Heroes”

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The newest member of "The Jersey Shore." Courtesy of a thread on Sherdog.

Oh my! Winning the SuperHulk tournament has pushed Minowaman to the top of the food chain in his country, as if he was not huge enough. The endorsements are flying in, and here is one for the Xbox 360 and PS3 port of “No More Heroes.” Imagine a game that combines pro wrestling with light saber fights, add a dash of crazy anime and a ton of blood, and that is the game. Admittedly, it is pretty awesome!

Originally, this game was a wii exclusive since you had do some mighty fine waggling to make things happen, but this version has resolved those issues. Minowa plays through a good bit of the game and gets pretty into it, especially when he takes his jacket off. It’s all business then! Sadly, the vid can not be embedded so you can take a gander of him playing at this link here, which is the official “No More Heroes” website. This story comes to us from the best Japanese MMA site, NightmareofBattle.com.

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