Use The Approach!!!

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I consider myself a collector of instructional DVD’s, and there are plenty out there to get my grubby paws on. Not all of them are too good though, and sometimes the bad ones are the most entertaining. Case in point, Eddie Quinn’s “Approach.” Quinn is a practitioner of the Filipino martial arts and to be fair, he knows what he is talking about, he is just very… enthusiastic about it, so much so that he sounds like the British guy in those Magic Bullet informercials. I guess he can be though, since he does have his own theme song as you see in the video above.

Maybe I should not judge his abilities, why don’t you do that for me by checking out some more of this madness after the jump, including the trailer for his seventh volume where he beats up something that looks like a bad movie robot and then six guys at once!

Try these techniques at your own risk, or you could just trysome of the techniques here on this site!

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