Mike Tyson on Italian “Dancing with the Stars”

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Mike Tyson. Former champion of the world, now dancing with the stars. Yup, and it gets better – it’s the Italian version of the show. I guess Tyson didn’t make the cut for the American show for whatever reason (perhaps Chuck Liddell was punchy enough for ABC).
Not sure who Tyson’s partner is but however you say “Hello Nurse” en Italiano, I am there! His dancing, not so much. The best part might be during the judging segment of the show, especially since Tyson does not speak Italian and the producers forget that, until finally locating an earpiece with a translator to explain whats going on.
In the end, Tyson actually scored very high, but mostly out of fear of reprisal from the large tattooed man. You be the judge and check out the video, how would you score Tyson?

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