Clinchgear Hendo 100 Shorts Review

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Our good friend, Jeff Sims, from, who has brought us reviews of KO Fight Gear Thai Pads and Jaco Resurgence Shorts in the past now brings us a review of the Hendo 100 shorts from Clinch Gear. Are these shorts worth dipping into your pocket for?

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Clinchgear Hendo 100 Shorts Review

First Impression- When I got these I pulled them out of the envelope that they came in and pulled them out of the plastic bag and was immediately impressed. The portion that had graphics on it was actually a stretch panel and the colors were so vibrant. I could not wait to try these on.


(4 stars)Construction- The shorts are made very well. They are 100% polyester and are assembled in Mexico. The feel of these shorts is great. I did not notice any loose threads and everything was either double or triple stitched. The logo on the waist is embroidered and all other logos are sub-laminated onto the shorts for tons of durability. These shorts also have a small pocket on the inside of the waistband.

Something that is very different about these shorts when compared to other models is the stretch panel. The entire are where you see the American flag and clinch gear graphics is a stretch panel. They also have a stretch panel in the inner leg. Something I don’t like about these is they are white so when they get wet from sweat the become somewhat transparent. Luckily, I wear compression shorts underneath them but still something that I found kind of annoying.


(4 stars)Fit- I got these shorts in a size 30 and they fit perfect. I would say that if you in between sizes try going down first because if these shorts are too big they just wont work. One thing that I don’t really like about these is that there is not room for any adjust ability so you have to make sure that you get just the right size as there is no drawstring or elastic waist. The closure system is the same style that Clinch Gear had used before with the the Velcro fly that folds over the top.

This pair of shorts is longer then the ones I have previously tried which I thought was a great addition as they fell to right about the middle of the knee. I really liked how light these shorts feel and there is plenty of room in the hips but they do not have a split seam. With all the stretch panels this pair of shorts has a split seam was not needed.


(5 stars)Stand Up– These shorts are great for stand up. They have a huge range of motion and I did not have any problems with any sort of technique from head kicks to knees from the clinch (no pun intended). They are very comfortable shorts that a lot of the time I could even feel I was really wearing them. They did not ride up or shift around my waist at all which I thought I was pretty amazing considering they have no drawstring.

(4 stars)Ground- On the ground these shorts also performed. This is where having all those stretch panels really shinned. I had not problem with anyone is my guard. They also worked great from top position and never felt restrictive. They did not ride or bunch up and there was very minimal shifting around my waist. Worked very well at everything I through at them.


Fantastic Construction
Great range of motion
Sub-laminated and embroidered logos
Closure System

The white becomes transparent when it gets wet
No room for adjust ability

(4 stars)Overall- These are great pair of shorts. They work very well at what they do and are definitely are pair of shorts I recommend. The few bad points about this pair of shorts certainly do not out way the good. You can get these shorts at for around $58. They also have a version that comes with Dan Henderson sponsor logos for around $100

For more product reviews, head to Jeff received these at no cost for the purpose of review and received no payment from the company to do the review.

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