New “Predators” teaser with more Oleg Taktarov

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Last time we saw Oleg, he was on set of this particular movie posing with some of the stars and giving us a sneak peek of what’s happening behind the scenes. Now, we see him working as director Robert Rodriguez explains his vision for this reboot of the “Predator” franchise.

Oleg pops up at around 32 seconds in on the bottom left corner of the screen, holding a mini-gun which makes him the unofficial Jesse Ventura of the movie. We also get to see him shooting, running away and also (spoiler alert!) being killed, but we know how these movies work, so that’s not too big of a spoiler.

March 18 will bring us the official trailer so here is hoping for even more of the MMA legend with even bigger guns in that! I will say this, it already looks 10 times better than the new Karate Kid movie, but that does not mean too much when you see footage from that. At least we might see a rolling kneebar on a predator here!

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