New Trailer for EA MMA Video Game

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Above is the new trailer for EA MMA, a video game coming out this year that we have been talking about since last year. Now we get to see some of those things we looked at in screen cap form a week ago in motion, and they definitely do look smooth! Ultimately, the true test will come when we get to test this thing out one on one, but for now we can just marvel at how pretty it looks and how sweaty they made all the fighters.

This trailer has Cung Le, Bobby Lashley, Nick Diaz, Jeff Monson, Fedor and a few others in action and is also giving us something we did not get in the UFC game, and that is entrances. Are they necessary? No, but they do add to the drama and realism and it is one thing they can say that THQ got lazy on.

Has this convinced any nay-sayers into buying this title yet or does this game automatically default to UFC Undisputed 2010 since “this game has no big name fighters”?

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