Wrestler knocks out opponent with suplex

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Power Bomb Knocks Out Wrestler – Watch more Funny Videos

“Pain” is the only word that comes to mind, followed by “immense headache”, and concluding with “possible concussion”. Over at an (as of yet) unidentified wrestling event, a bout came to a quick and sudden end when one wrestler took his opponents back and crushed his opponent with a mighty suplex, worthy of Kevin Randleman himself.

The opponent was left with his legs over his head and a face full of crotch. Not a pleasant way to lose, but lucky for him, he appeared to be out cold from the impact, so no immediate sense of shame and embarrassment. No news on if the victim suffered any serious injuries, but here is hoping he did not and lives to fight another day!

Via Break.com, where this was mislabelled as “Power Bomb knocks Out Wrestler.” This is why they are Break.com and I am The Fight Nerd, because that is no power bomb! You want to see some powerbombs? Hit the jump!

The mack-daddy of all power bombs! Quinton Jackson VS Ricardo Arona!

Here is one you might have not seen before, Nick “The Hitman” Hobbs, Vader-bombing his opponent at around 2 minutes in!

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