EA MMA announces next three fighters in game

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Last week, we showed you some new screenshots and a brand spanking new trailer from the EA MMA video game. Now, EA Sports has announced via their Twitter the next three characters for their upcoming MMA title, and those men are Josh Barnett, Joachim Hansen and Vladimir Matyushenko.

Barnett and “Hellboy” were sponsored by EA during their DREAM 13 fights this past weekend, but the “surprise” is “The Janitor,” especially considering that he is in the UFC and all. “Surprise” being quoted since WatchKalibRun.com reported this back in January and it seemingly flew under the radar, even by me! What a terrible nerd I am…

Vlad is not the only UFC fighter under contract who is appearing in the EA MMA game. Let us not forget that Randy Couture will be prominent in that game as well. This will be interesting to see how it plays out, especially if Dana White was serious on his ban of these fighters from his company.

With these three men added to the game, any more interest in playing it?

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