Superman VS Muhammad Ali Statue is the best fighting collectible ever

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Your eyes do not deceive you! Pictured above is the glorious statue of Superman VS Muhammad Ali, coming your way thanks to DC Direct. For those not nerdy enough, this is based on a DC Comic from 1978, which is coincidentally being rereleased around the same time as this statue comes out.

The 72-page story features aliens that want their champion to fight Earth’s greatest fighter. Ali and Superman both come forward and decide to duke it out to see who is the best! If you think that sounds dumb, you haven’t seen the Marvel Team-Up I have from that same year where the original cast of Saturday Night Live team with Spiderman to fight The Silver Samurai. Seriously! I couldn’t ever put together a sentence as insane as that off the top of my head!

The statue is based on the cover art of Neal Adams and sculpted by Jack Matthews. Expect this out in November for the rather steep price of $250. Don’t fret though, as the pre-order starts for this tomorrow, giving you several months to scrounge up loose change from under your couch.


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