Dana White is chocolaty delicious

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Some people make t-shirts, some people make chocolate! The UFC came to town yesterday for the UFC 111 Press Conference and all manner of MMA fan came out to say hi. One man did not make it out though, as he was busy sculpting an edible masterpiece.

Ariel Helwani of MMA FanHouse caught up with Lars Arkerlund of FIKA NYC, a Swedish espresso bar in Manhattan and long-time UFC fan, who had challenged his chocolatier HÃ¥kan MÃ¥rtensson to make a life-sized chocolate bust of Dana White this week.

HÃ¥kan, winner of the 2008 Chocolate Olympics, had been sculpting Dana’s mug for two days and happily admits to eating pieces of the sculptures all the time. Ariel Helwani, in the meantime, admits to wanting to touch Dana’s head, which he does… but Ariel is still cool, he just showed his inner Fight Nerd!

Check out the video after the jump to see the sculpting process in action!

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