UFC ban on fighters in EA MMA game is off!

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According to an interview with Dana White from Kotaku.com, the UFC is dropping their ban on fighters appearing in EA’s MMA video game.

White revealed that he is backing off his earlier threats to ban any fighter who appears in EA’s game to be a part of UFC. “Nah, some people have crossed over,” he told Kotaku, “But believe me this is still going to continue to be a battle. …they’re the me-toos. The UFC game is the original game.”

This brings good tidings to several names and reassures of what is up with this non-issue. As we already know, Randy Couture will be appearing in EA MMA but is under contract to the UFC, as is Frank Trigg now and the recent addition of Vladimir Matyushenko. What is more important is that Dana White holds much contempt for EA, and that is truly the meat of this fight.

Dana is also not worried at all about taking a financial loss in 2010 as two MMA games come out in one year, as he explains in the interview.

“They’re bigger than THQ,” he said. “They have been. Let’s see how they do now. Their earnings reports just came out and they suck. This company that used to control the whole video game world and were these big fucking giants, we’ll see where they are in the next two years. And as as far as the MMA space goes, we’ll kick the living shit out of them.”

Is he warranted in his hatred of anything that rivals the UFC? Sure, why not. Do we expect anything less from Dana? Irrational banning of people is commonplace in the UFC but so is retracting those actions. All that matters is that there are two MMA games coming out and we as the fans have a voice in who succeeds.

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