New A-Team trailer means more Rampage

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What more needs to be said about this? Another trailer for “A-Team” has arrived, this time giving us a healthy dose of Jessica Biel and a better grip on the reality that this movie has been filmed and is coming our way soon. Most important of all, Quinton Jackson is playing dress-up as a Green Beret.

Rampage has the B.A. Baracus thing down so far though, even down to being scared of flying. It seems this might be the role he was born to play since there is not much acting involved. Quinton truly is Mr. T. My favorite line in the trailer is “I’m B.A. and you’re gonna’ be unconscious.” This, my friends, is movie gold.

This movie seems like a good combo of ridiculous and awesome and I might check this one out when it hits theaters this summer. How can you not want to see a tank parachuting from the sky shooting at airplanes? Get ready for June 11, people, it’s coming hard and fast!

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