Put a UFC fighter in your pocket!

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Finally, you can carry Brock Lesnar in your pants pocket! Over on the Jakks Pacific Facebook Page, prototype pics were revealed of the debut wave of their UFC Micro figures two-packs, which recreates some very historic showdowns, only 1/144th of the size.

Wave 1 includes: UFC 100 – Lesnar vs Mir; UFC 58 – Penn vs GSP; UFC 64 – A Silva vs Franklin; UFC 47 – Liddell vs Ortiz. Each figure has seven points of articulation and will come with training accessories. The figures are around 2 inches tall and there will probably be a micro-sized octagon down the line for these figures as well. Also coming out later this year are 3 3/4 inch versions of the figures and more of the 7-inch line, which has already shown proto pics for Wave 5 with Wave 3 being available now.

More pics of these figures after the jump!


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