Tim Sylvia talks Moosin fight against Pudzianowski

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Former UFC Heavyweight champ Tim Sylvia talks to Fight Nerd correspondent Bauzen about his upcoming fight against “The World’s Strongest Man” Mariusz Pudzianowski, who we talked to also at the press conference, at Moosin on May 21, 2010. “The Maine-iac” discusses preparing for this strong man, if this is a step down in competition, what he thinks ended Affliction’s MMA shows, addresses his weight and tells us if the UFC is still a possibility.

I had laryngitis this past week (still sorta do) so Steve AKA Bauzen had to fill in for me on camera reading my questions off a piece of paper, as he did with the Mariusz interview. So, big thanks to him for giving it a go with questions he never saw before. No props for people who keep thinking that’s me! Don’t you people know what I look and sound like by now!

You can follow Bauzen on twitter.com/Bauzen! And me at twitter.com/thefightnerd while you are it!

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