Ricardo Mayorga talks MMA Debut against Din Thomas

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Ricardo Mayorga, former WBA and WBC Boxing champion, has decided to step into the MMA world, making his debut in Shine Fights against veteran Din Thomas. If you did not see the explosive press conference yet, better check that out and see these two bicker and brawl before you hear their interviews. Mayorga talks with The Fight Nerd about how he is preparing for this match, what he thinks of Din Thomas and if this is a full time switch from boxing to MMA. We also hear from his wife briefly (since Ricardo was too busy signing autographs to pay attention to the interviewer).

What do you think – will Mayorga be one and done or will he continue his MMA career? And more importantly, can Mayorga overcome Din Thomas or will he end up on his back like a helpless turtle?

1 Comment on Ricardo Mayorga talks MMA Debut against Din Thomas

  1. Ricardo Mayorga is a joke! When are these washed up hardley has beens going to learn. that they cant fight off there backs. Further more there realy makeing boxing look bad. They need to put a top contender in the cage and he might last 2 minutes. Again like Toney,Mercer,and any other use to be step into the cage it’ll be like a new toy on the ground being played with.

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