Bjorn Rebney on Bellator season 2

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The Fight Nerd, along with Peter Lampasona from Mid Atlantic Combat Sports caught up with the owner of Bellator FC, Bjorn Rebney, to talk about what’s new for season 2 of Bellator such as their new TV deals on NBC, FSN and Telemundo, as well as their big endorsement deal with Everlast.

We also ask the hard questions like if the tournament style is still working and if it would work with more well-known fighters, if Bellator is still targeting the Latin-American audience or if they have moved on to a broader market share, “the glass ceiling of boxing”, his picks for the tournaments and much more. If you are planning on doing any sports betting with Bjorn’s picks, don’t read too much into them since he dodged that response well, but we did get him to talk a ton about “the numbers” of Bellator and their overall success.

Don’t forget to check out the HUGE photo gallery from Bellator 15 with pics from all the fights including Ryan Thomas, Dan Hornbuckle, and the controversial Brett Cooper VS Steve Carl match, plus all the hot ring card girls! Bellator has some damn fine hotties, if I do say so myself! Perhaps it’s time to work on a “Best of Ring Card Girl” photo gallery soon! Hmm….

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