UFC Boot Camp teaches gamers to use more than their thumbs

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Dale North and Rey Gutierrez of Destructoid.com was invited to a special “UFC Boot Camp” to hype the upcoming release of THQ’s UFC Undisputed 2009 video game exclusively for video game journalists (ie., not me). Previously, Rey had played the demo with a lady friend of his who knew about the UFC (not MMA, but UFC) and she schooled him quite easily, mostly due to ignorance of the sport. I don’t blame him, he is not a fan of MMA, it just puzzles me why the site would give him this piece to work on when he can’t tell his Kimbo from his Ken Shamrock.

So above is the video that the boys at Destructoid shot of the boot camp (Rey is the one in the knee-high green socks and Dale is behind the camera), which was held at The Ultimate Fighter gym. Shawn Tompkins and Marc Laimon were a few of the trainers present instructing the gaming “journos” in the finer points of MMA, and Dale has now admitted in his article that he has gained more of a respect for a sport he once had no interest in and saw as two men hugging. Furthermore, the author has decided to replay the game and begin to learn the controls, especially the grappling element, and really give the game a chance.

Either way, it’s fun to watch a room of video game writers do physical activity, so take a look and enjoy! I never realized that doing an armbar was the same as eating a Quizno’s sub, and now you will too!

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