Gamestop features two UFC video game contests

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Notorious video game franchise, Gamestop, does some good things every now and then when they are not busy buying back games at hilariously low prices so they can mark them back up 600%. It is rare, but it happens. This is one of those cases where it is not just one magnanimous offer, but two.

Over on their UFC Undisputed 2010 site, you can enter their “Ultimate Fighter Life” contest, you can win the “Ultimate Gaming Hook-Up”, which means a PS3 or a PSP in a bundle, packed with an early copy of the game. The winner will also receive an exclusive Brendan Schaub Ultimate Fighter Pack, whatever that means. If you wait until May 16, you can win the Roy Nelson prize pack which comes with more swag from “Big Country”, 20 shirts and the ability to watch a UFC PPV with 19 friends on Gamestop’s dime. Earlier prize packs included a Marcus Jones training session (which I hope was not a cardio session), or an all-expenses paid trip to see UFC 114 and this years UFC Fan Expo plus a prize pack with James McSweeney.

The other contest is the “Train a Fighter” contest, where four winners will receive prize packages valued at more than $3,500 including a four-days, three-nights all-expense paid trips to Las Vegas to attend “The Ultimate Fighter 11 finale” at The Palms and more. All you have to do is a write a 500 word essay on how you would train the ultimate fighter. So go check it out, and if you win something, remember who told you to enter the contests!

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