Random Fight of the Day: Sammo Hung VS Fake Bruce Lee

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Many martial arts movie aficionados may recall the deleted scene from “Enter the Dragon” where Bruce Lee fought against Sammo Hung in one of the earliest MMA fights recorded film. Sure, it was choreographed, but it was our first time seeing the Jeet Kune Do gloves that would eventually influence the design of MMA gloves and also one of the earliest times seeing a ground submission implemented (not the oldest but I will get to that another day).

Sammo Hung was taught at the same Chinese opera academy as Yuen Biao and Jackie Chan and made a ton of great martial arts movies, sometimes more serious and others spoofing the genre but still packed with tightly choreographed fight scenes that make your head spin. Here is an example of one of his humorous fights from one of his more famous flicks, “Enter The Fat Dragon.”

In this scene, Sammo is on the set of a Bruce-sploitation movie and is being abused by the Bruce Lee look-a-like. Sammo, never one to back down from a fight, ends up in a real brawl with the actor and does a perfect parody of the legendary fighter, from his facial expressions and mannerisms to his stance and combat style. Heck, they even mimic the way the fight sequences would be shot frame for frame! If you’ve never seen Sammo Hung, you don’t know what you are missing and this is a great intro to the man!

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