Custom Mighty Muggs Wanderlei Silva

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It seemed like only yesterday we were talking about toys… oh yeah, we were, with Damon Lau, president of Round 5 MMA. Well, today we are keeping that trend up and talking about a very cool custom toy we found on the No Surrender Fight Wear blog. Made by the man simply known as “Mike” on the site, this former art student and MMA merchandise collector stumbled upon the Mighty Muggs line, renowned for its cult of customizers who flock to the spherical figures.

Some sanding, painting and a little bit of elbow grease turned out to be this awesome looking Wanderlei Silva custom figure in his classic Pride FC gloves and shorts from “Total Elimination 2003”, when he battled Kazushi Sakuraba. Mike even made the packaging for this little axe-murderer, which came out great. I just want to know if he managed to do the tattoo on the back of Wand’s head for the ultimate likeness!

Oh, and did I mention the figure comes with a bloody axe accessory? Well, it does!

Mike has also done custom figures of Mike Tyson, Nacho Libre and I am sure many more, and is a fine collector of MMA figures, so we tip our nerdy hat to you and wish you luck on your collecting and hope to see more customs soon!

Hit the jump for a few more pics!

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