Kimbo Slice action figure variant has real chest hair

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Do you want your very own action figure of Kimbo Slice? Of course you do, and you only have to wait another month or so when Jakks Pacific releases wave 4 of their UFC action figures, with Rich Franklin, Wanderlei Silva, Sean Sherk and Kimbo. But what would you do if I told you that you could that same Kimbo figure with an actual hairy chest?

Jakks Pacific will be releasing a variant figure of Kimbo with a flocked chest, which to you non-toy nerds mean his chest hair will be fuzzy and not just painted on. The original GI Joe figure from the 60’s had this as well, except on the top of his head. Sadly, this Kimbo will be limited to a paltry 100 pieces, so if you find this in stores, make sure to send it to me immediately!

So does this disturb anyone else or just me? This year has far too many Kimbo exclusives this year, what with the UFC Fan Expo Kimbo and now this. That’s two that are barely two months apart! I just pray that they make Josh Koscheck with a giant flocked afro too. Who’s with me?

Hit the jump for a close up of the fuzz!

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