UFC Deluxe Action Figures Wave 6 prototypes have Couture, Rutten and Pulver

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It’s action figure madness this month, courtesy of Jakks Pacific. Following up the news of their Kimbo Slice variant with fuzzy chest hair, Jakks has revealed prototype pictures for Wave 6 of their UFC Deluxe Action Figures. MMAfigs.com got the scoop, showing off pics of Bas Rutten, Clay Guida, Randy Couture, Georges St-Pierre, Tito Ortiz, Bas Rutten, Frank Mir, Jens Pulver and Thiago Alves.

Keep in mind, these are prototypes and NOT the final sculpt, so if Couture looks too old or GSP has a funny nose, just remember that the final product will look different from what you see here. Also to note, this line only has one previously released figure, which would be Frank Mir, however this Mir has a different hair sculpt which looks like a more recent Mir, so I would say this is a pretty strong line considering we have multiple champions and main-eventers in it.

My personal favorite is the Bas Rutten, which has to be the most accurate figure I have seen Jakks make since their Kevin Randleman figure from an earlier wave. In other words, you can now re-enact their famous fight from UFC 20 for the Heavyweight Title and this time, you be the judge who wins it (even though I stand by Bas being the champ, not that it mattered since he retired soon after).

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Photos via MMAfigs.com

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