Fedor and Couture on EA Sports MMA cover

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At yesterday’s EA press conference, EA Sports president announced two major facts about EA Sports MMA, the publisher’s upcoming mixed martial arts game. Two of the headlining fighters in the game, Fedor Emelianenko and Randy Couture, will share the cover. And we finally have a release date: October 19th, 2010. This is also days before my birthday, hint hint.

Furthermore, one new tidbit of news was added and that is the game is no longer EA MMA but now EA Sports MMA. Why the slight change? Not sure. This is a tentative change as of now, and it may return to just EA MMA, but as of now the name is being lengthened.

So get ready this October as this game hits your PS3 and Xbox 360 and we can see which MMA video game is better, UFC Undisputed or the new kid on the block, EA Sports MMA!

Via Destructoid.com

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