EA Sports MMA introduces Live Broadcast mode for real prizes

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EA Sports MMA, which just announced who will be gracing the cover of the game, will have your usual ranked and quick play matches for online gamers, but they have introduced a new and innovative “Live Broadcast” mode to the game. This feature allows players to compete for real-world prizes in-game and build up personas online. You can earn the right to fight in a live broadcast by ascending the leaderboards and work your way to the top

. But EA Sports also wants to incorporate active community members into the mix along with members with standout personalities. How can you show your personality in-game, you ask? Well, that’s probably the coolest part of all of this.

In order to generate a following online, players will be able to create their own hype videos. If selected to appear in a Live Broadcast, these videos are going to play pre-fight. The point is that players can put whatever they want in these videos (no obscene content, of course) to bring out their MMA character and win over fans. All you need to do is film yourself being ridiculous, upload it to EA Sports’ website and you’re good to go!

Viewers can also watch this from their home PC, so no next-gen console needed for your friends or audience! EA Sports MMA is scheduled to released this October for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Check out the video for all the details and more info!

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