Gameplay footage of EA Sports MMA with Couture VS Fedor

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E3 continues to bring us new goodies from the MMA gaming world. This time around, we get a glimpse of some of the gameplay footage of EA Sports MMA with the heavyweights doing battle. Digital versions of Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianeko do battle inside a Japanese style ring, and there must be a winner! Check out the video above to watch the action!

What are my thoughts on it? I think this game is looking pretty great, graphics and gameplay wise. I was very impressed with how THQ handled the UFC game in 2009, especially since I was used to playing the old versions that were essentially button mashers. EA Sports MMA seems to have upped the ante and found more efficient ways to do things and really adding a much deeper sense of understanding towards the sport over the UFC game. The front headlock alone is one aspect of it, how Randy fights to get his hooks in on Fedor’s back one leg at a time, this game captures the ground game in a very comprehensive manner and will make for a very competitive gaming experience.

I can not say which game is better just yet until it is in my hands, but everything I have seen so far from EA has done nothing but impress me. They have innovated a complicated sport that would not normally translate well into a video game, and made it as close to real as we have seen. Look for this in October, and a comprehensive review around the same time! What do you think of this gameplay footage?

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