Herschel Walker is Gamestop’s exclusive character in EA Sports MMA

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E3 has been huge for MMA video games, especially with tons of news about the EA Sports MMA video game, which debuted their cover and unveiled an innovative new “Live Broadcast” mode for online gamers to compete against people for real prizes in a pay-per-view style event. But this time, it is GameStop who has some interesting news!

Gamestop.com has revealed that if you reserve EA Sports MMA with Gamestop, you will receive the previously unannounced Herschel Walker as a GameStop exclusive downloadable fighter (Available online and in-store while supplies last). Gamestop, aside from being notorious for their abysmal buyback policy, is also known for their great exclusives. In the past, they offered a similar exclusive for the launch of the first UFC Undisputed game.

No word yet if other retailers like Amazon.com will offer any exclusive characters, but at least we know of one place so far. Is Herschel Walker a character that will push people to reserve the game with Gamestop or will you wait to see if anyone else has any exclusives?

And yes, that is Bob Sapp in the picture above. He is in the game too along with Ken Shamrock. Pics of him after the jump!

Via Middleeasy

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