Sony unveils motion-controlled fighting game

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As E3 wraps up, we take a look at one more fighting game, but this one not MMA related. Rather, this is one of the first motion-controlled games on the market related to hand to hand combat (no, I do not count Wii Sports Boxing). Sony announced their new Playstation Move peripheral earlier at the event, and announced THQ’s first efforts with UFC Trainer (as we mentioned earlier). Now, we have Fight: Lights Out, being released by… some third party organization that has not done much worth noting.

From what little I know about this game, players take the role of a random mullet-wearing prisoner who fights a bevy of other prisoners using only his upper body. Players control this inmate using the new Playstation Move controller, which looks like something a raver would use when his glow-sticks ran out of juice. You can throw strikes by swinging your arms in a predetermined position to launch straights, hooks, double axe-handles, uppercuts, haymakers, mongolian chops, and headbutts to your hapless opponent. With attacks like that, who needs a plot?

This game will be exclusive to PS3 as it is a Playstation Move launch title. My first reaction is… bleh. Why prison fighting? Does the loser have to drop the soap in the showers after the fight? Do you win cigarettes instead of points? These are questions I do not want the answers to. Any readers out there more willing to give this a chance out there?

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