WWE Champ headed to Strikeforce?

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Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley will have company very soon in the world of pro wrestlers jumping to MMA. According to a report from TMZ, recently retired WWE sports-entertainer Dave Batista has made claims that he will be entering the world of MMA. The tabloid news site caught Batista in Hollywood where their paparazzi camera man asked what was next for the former champ. WIth one mighty word, the man with more veins than a porn star’s penis stated “Strikeforce.”

When asked about a first opponent, Batista kept his lips shut, but he did say who he definitely did not want to face. According to MMAmania.com, Strikeforce reps are calling shenanigans on this story and saying he has not signed anything with the company at this time. That does not rule out the chances that he could sign later, or that this is a brilliant marketing ploy on the part of Strikeforce to drum up more interest in their program.

What do you think, should Batista join the ranks of MMA professionals or stick to powerbombing jobbers?

3 Comments on WWE Champ headed to Strikeforce?

  1. I definitely think it would help Strikeforce. He is marketable and talented. They could also use a few more HWs in their ranks.

    However, he’s reportedly like 42 or something. And he has NO cardio.

  2. Dave Batista was very injury prone during his run in WWE, and I don’t see how this would not be a factor in MMA. He suffered multiple injuries involving ligaments which hardly bodes well for MMA. Mr. Tastic already pointed out that big Dave has little to no cardio; as many of their HWs do, he often relied on rest holds in the WWE to stretch the length of his matches. While I’d love to see him succeed in MMA, I personally do not think it’s in the cards…

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