11 photos of Matt Hughes with guns, shooting stuff

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That’s pretty self explanatory, but for those who need things to be reinforced because their attention span has been ruined by TV, here are 11 photos of Matt Hughes with guns. Why? Because the only thing scarier than a pro MMA fighter is a pro MMA fighter armed to the teeth.

Matt Hughes is no stranger to UFC championship belts or the shooting range, and he can take down a deer as easily as an opponent across the octagon. These pics are from various sources so I can not give a source other than too much of my time spent scouring the treacherous trails of the interweb. I have been collecting random pics of fighters for years, and I think it is time to start sharing them with you, so you in turn will have a place to go to find all these obscure and pointless pics and be able to share them easily and spread the word of Matt Hughes – the man, the fighter, and the remorseless killing machine.

Hit the jump for ten more pics of Matt Hughes doing the other thing he loves more than fighting – playing with guns!

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