Roxanne Modafferi talks Strikeforce Championship fight against Sarah Kaufman

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Coming up on July 23 on Showtime, undefeated women’s MMA fighter Sarah Kaufman will make the first defense of her Strikeforce Bantamweight championship, five months after winning it. Standing in her way is an MMA veteran by the name of Roxanne Modafferi. The last time we met with Roxy was when we interviewed her after her huge win over Tara Larosa at Moosin, and here she is not long after that grueling three-round war preparing for a title fight. I caught up with Roxy via Skype to get the latest updates from her coming into this fight, as well as her thoughts on having a rubber match with Larosa and a few other tidbits of MMA curiousity.

The Fight Nerd: You are preparing for your title fight in Strikeforce for their 135 lb. title against Sarah Kaufman. How is training going?

Roxanne Modafferi: It’s going well, thanks!  (Even if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t tell you that :P  ) Kiuma Kunioku is my personal trainer and is working the majority of my stand up, and Hiroyuki Abe is my primary grappling instructor.  I’ve been training a lot at the AACC or Abe Ani’s Combat Club. 
TFN: Are you doing anything special to prepare for Kaufman?

Roxy: Yes.  I’m developing super-attacks.  And my cardio is always good, but I read that she’s doing tons, which made me like “WHOA” so I upped my cardio training, too.  LOL  But it’s not going to go to decision anyway.

TFN: What is the name of your new super attack and does it involve balls of energy in any way?

Roxy: I have a few super attacks, but only those with a similar power-level are able to actually observe the energy waves.  One is called “Flower and Thorns.”

TFN: Kaufman has been undefeated in her career thus far, what are her strongest traits that you have seen to get her to that point, as well as her weaknesses?

Roxy: The ability to punch people in the face at will, and squishing people who try to shoot with sprawls.

TFN: Your last fight was at Moosin where you avenged your loss to Tara Larosa in a very exciting battle. Is there anything you decided to work on after that match?

Roxy: My super attacks.  In all seriousness, just continue to develop myself in all areas. I’m extremely happy with my performance at Moosin. I feel like I’ve cemented the growth in many aspects of my game.

TFN: You and Larosa have an odd friendship and rivalry that included helping her set up her twitter the night before you met in the cage! Have you spoken with Tara since then?

Roxy: Not too much lately, actually.

TFN: Do you want to have a rubber match with Larosa in the future to even things out?

Roxy: Yes, I do, but not immediately.  Some time in the future.
TFN: You have fought on two continents in both of the major surfaces, YAMMA pit excluded. Do you prefer to compete in a ring or cage and why?

Roxy: I prefer the cage because I can utilize it, like a tool.  For example, I can use it to help me stand up.  There’s a danger of falling out of a ring, getting tangled in the ropes, having it slice off your cauliflower ear (see Pancrase fight)  which thank goodness I don’t have because I was smart and wore head gear when I felt it developing…. excuse me, I digress.

TFN: It seems when I watch MMA in Japan, the fighters have less problems fighting in rings than their American counterparts. Is this because of a difference in fighters, fighting styles, or is it just my imagination?

Roxy: I’m not sure.  Japanese train in rings more than cages, although this is starting to change with the newly opened gyms and fighters who intend to compete overseas.

TFN: Bellator FC is preparing for a womens tournament at 115 lbs. with many well-known female fighters. Who is your pick to win the whole thing?

Roxy: Megumi Fujii!
TFN: I know you don’t look past your current fight, but I am hoping you can look past it just enough to tell us the first thing you will be doing after your fight (after Moosin, i hear it was milkshakes for 63)?

Roxy: I will….drink a milk shake.  LOL OF COURSE!

Roxy would like to thank her manager Shu Hirata, Fightchix, Sprawl, Tokyo 5,  Roland W. Coryell (artist/designer),Tussle Fight Gear, ifight athletics, Ryan and Jake from, Kirik from,, Atsushi Watanabe (web designer) and all her fans!

You can follow Roxy on twitter @roxyfighter, and her main blog is Her website is which has a lively chat room that she frequents around 4-7 PM EST! You can catch her fight on ShoMMA on Showtime on July 23!

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