Watch Showtime and enjoy… Elite XC?

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Remember Elite Extreme Combat, more affectionately called Elite XC? The little that company that could that had such stars as Gina Carano, Kimbo Slice and the entire roster of Strikeforce? That is, they could until they couldn’t and eventually flopped one fateful Fall day. It was a sad day for MMA as another organization collapsed under its own weight. But fret not, because Elite XC still exists! At least, according to a lazy (and probably overpaid) web designer.

While wandering around the Shwotime website, like all people with too much time should do, I discovered this neat little fact in their “About” page. According to them, Elite XC is still thriving and it’s not too late to watch them. The site states under their Showtime channel banner:

With critically acclaimed original series like Dexter™, Weeds, Californication™, Brotherhood®, The Tudors, The L Word®, This American Life™ and Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, the best shows are now on SHOWTIME! Also featured are Hollywood Hits No One Else Has®, Showtime Championship Boxing™, and mixed martial arts with EliteXC™.

But that’s not all! If you get Showtime 2 as well, you get twice the Elite XC!

Double your viewing options! In addition to box office favorites, SHO 2 is home to “catch-up marathons” of SHOWTIME Original Series and SHO Sportsâ„¢ Presents, an exclusive series airing every weeknight at 10 p.m. ET/PT, which features the best of Showtime Championship Boxingâ„¢, ShoBox: The New Generation®, mixed martial arts (MMA) matches and the ShoXC: Elite Challenger Seriesâ„¢.

Lest we forget about Showtime’s bastard cousin, Sho Extreme!

Perfect for the action/adventure enthusiast, this channel features action and martial arts films, gangster movies, thrillers and westerns, plus select Showtime Championship Boxingâ„¢ and EliteXCâ„¢ events.

That’s three times the Elite XC action! You think a multi-million dollar company like Showtime would take the time to manager their website better, but I guess they are too busy promoting “Dexter” or… well, no, that’s really all they have. Don’t believe me and think the image above is a photoshop? Check out the link here on their current site to see this un-updated error!

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