Ken Shamrock on UFC 9, Frank Shamrock retiring & mainstream athletes in MMA

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In part 2 of this exclusive interview with The Fight Nerd, MMA legend Ken Shamrock explains his side of the story on UFC 9, where he fought Dan Severn for 35 minutes and lost by decision in a dull match. Ken tells us if this match was strategic or just boring, and also gives his thoughts on Frank Shamrock retiring, why he thinks mainstream athletes are now fighting in MMA, and why he doesn’t watch MMA on TV. Plus, retirement – when will Shamrock hang up the gloves for good?!

If you missed part one, check that out at this link here, where Ken talks about his fight against Pedro Rizzo and clears up remarks about steroids he said on HDNet, as well as how he would regulate steroids and why the California State Athletic Commission always seems to have problems with their drug testing.

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