FEG and PUJI CAPITAL partner to take K-1 and Dream global

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For years, MMA fans have clamored over who has better fighters, America or Japan? Now, that question will be answered in a more comprehensive answer (as opposed to having Pride fighters out of their prime competing in the UFC). According to excellent Japanese MMA website, Nightmare of Battle, a new partnership is occurring that should change the landscape of international mixed martial arts.

FEG is joining forces with Chinese investment bank PUJI CAPITAL, with the goal of taking K-1 and DREAM to around the world, starting first with Asia of course. FEG president Tanikawa was present at a recent press conference and said that FEG is not being sold and that it won’t disappear. FEG will devote themselves to what they’re good at while PUJI will take care of their fields of expertise such as fundraising.

PUJI Capitals Managing Partner Michael Chen said that they are aiming at raising 230-345 million USD for FEG during the first three years of the partnership. The ultimate goal seems to be making an MMA organization that’s like football/soccer organization FIFA, with worldwide participants fighting across the globe. Sounds like the Pride FC Open-weight Grand Prix, but on a much larger scale.

This sounds similar to what M-1 has going, except that FEG can afford to buy the contracts of better established fighters with some namepower. This development has much potential to grow into something very big, and officials within PUJI CAPITAL and FEG plan on going right up against the giant, Zuffa and the UFC. What do you think, can this new partnership topple the UFC? Or rather, can anyone even compete against Zuffa at this point?

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