Real men sleep in replica cages

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We all know that Bellator FC welterweight champion Lyman Good sleeps in a cage at his Tiger Schulman’s gym, but now you can replicate his winning ways from the comfort of home! Throwdown has made a bed that looks like one of their cage set-ups, if that cage was rectangular that is. This structure is made from the same materials used in a regulation cage for the most part, including actual fencing, 9 gauge 6 core centers, foam padded rails and synthetic leather covers. You can even get a set of those signature metal stairs to complete the deal!

If that was not enough, buyers can also have their nickname printed on the backpost of the bed. Owning a cage-bed was not good enough, so the purchaser must have their name emblazoned on it for all of their visitors to see and marvel at. Even better news is that the bed comes in all sizes, for kids to adults with twin, full, queen and king!

No lie, I would sleep in this thing, and I have a sneaky suspicion that if I found the right girl, she would too… giggity. The price is a hefty $1,249, but don’t worry – shipping is free. If you want to buy this bed, or see if I really am for real, head to this link here. This is definitely one of the oddest pieces of merchandise I have seen in the MMA world, can you think of anything weirder?

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  1. Haha.. I don’t really know what to think of this .. It’s weird, but it’s def. sort of awesome at the same time.. Not awesome enough to warrent a 1,250 price tag tho .. at least not for me anyway.

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