EA Sports MMA Career Mode Preview pics and video

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Electronic Arts is gearing up for the October release of EA Sports MMA for the next-gen consoles, which you can see the cover of the game at this link here, and has just released a cornucopia of images (which are after the jump) and a keen video to give you a preview of what is to come!

First off, we learn about the innovative Create-a-fighter function, which allows you to plot points on a picture of your face compared to another so that you can have a three-dimensional likeness of yourself in the video game! After that, it is time to train, and why not take some classes from instructors like Randy Couture, Pat Miletich, Bas Rutten or even Rickson Gracie! Bas had hinted to us in an interview a few months ago he was going to be involved in a very important aspect of the game, and now we know what that was!

You can also train and compete internationally, where certain places have different rules. In other words, yes, you can soccer kick your opponent in Japan! After career mode is finished, you can jump onto Xbox Live and battle some real opponents, and maybe even win some real prizes if you are good enough!

Are you still not convinced this game is worth buying? Hit the jump to see a ton of photos released of this mode, dare I say, a venerable buttload of photos! Watch the video above for more info and footage.

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  1. OMG that game looks sick. So realisitic. You can travel to Brazil or Thailand to train too.. I like how the training you put your character through determines his abilities in the ring. I had a feeling that EA Sports, with all their experience, would make a game that blew the UFC game by THQ right out of the water.

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