UFC Serves Subpoenas to JustinTV and UStream

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Photo courtesy of Zuffa... and that's how I dodge the bullet of using their stuff

Over on MAMMA-online.com, I read a piece about the UFC and Pirates. YARRR! No, not those kind of pirates sadly. Zuffa recently announced that it has served subpoenas on two streaming video websites, commanding them to reveal the identities of users who have uploaded video of live Pay-Per-View UFC events. The websites, Justin.tv and Ustream.tv, enable users to broadcast live streaming video to an unlimited online audience. Although originally developed to bring user-generated content to a large live audience, these sites have been exploited by some users to broadcast illegally uploaded content, including UFC events.

Just to give you an idea of how bad it is, on January 2, 2010, over 36,000 people watched a live streaming feed of the UFC 108 Pay-Per-View event that was uploaded from a single IP address. Less than two months later, on February 21, 2010, that same IP address was used to upload multiple live streaming feeds of the UFC 110 Pay-Per-View event, which was watched by over 78,000 non-paying users! Dana White added, in a press release from Zuffa, “I can’t wait to go after the thieves that are stealing our content. This is a fight we will not lose.”

It’s a good thing I don’t do any illegal activities on my site… except for the drug trafficking. Thank you, google ad sense! Some would argue that the pay-per-view model of business no longer works because of the internet, but laws were meant to protect big corporations from being undermined like this, despite whether or not we will agree with it. Some of us just can not afford to spend the cost of a PPV every few weeks, but do not want to give up being a fan and supporting the UFC product. I think just about anyone who reads this site would be guilty of watching an illegal stream or downloading an illegally uploaded fight somewhere online, so is the UFC in the right to go after the pirates or do you think it helps their business?

Via Paul Miles at MAMMA-online.com

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