Carina Damm might be out of Strikeforce tourney, but who really knows?

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Hot off the presses! Strikeforce just sent out a memo regarding women’s MMA fighter Carina Damm, who is set to participate in a 135 lb. tournament in about two weeks or so. Rumors have been spreading about her ability (or inability depending on which side of the story you are on) to participate due to travel issues, and the higher-ups at Strikeforce have decided to come out and make it official.

From the e-mail: As has been speculated on various websites, Brazilian Carina Damm is having difficulty obtaining the necessary visa to travel to The United States for her participation in the STRIKEFORCE Challengers event on Friday, Aug. 13 where Damm is slated to compete in the women’s welterweight (135 pounds) tournament in Phoenix, Ariz.

STRIKEFORCE is working diligently to help Carina secure a visa in time to make the trip for next month’s event. In the event that she is unable to acquire a visa, however, we have identified a qualified replacement for the tournament and will release her name if Carina is officially forced to withdraw from the event. This prospective replacement has been in training camp for several weeks and is prepared to take on the task at hand.

In other words, Strikeforce has no idea what is up, but that is not so much their fault and they sound prepared in case she is unable to get her visa ready to go. What could be their fault is the logistics of not giving Damm enough time to get things set up, but considering that they summoned Roxy Modafferi from Japan with about two weeks notice in November, there is really no excuse here except that someone is just being lazy.

The other participants in this tournament to determine the challenger to Sarah Kaufman’s 135 lb. title are Miesha Tate, Hitomi Akano, and Maiju Kujala. If Damm is out, who do you think will replace her in the tournament?

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