Randy Couture refutes comments on fighting Crocop

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An interview on Fighters Only website revealed that “The Natural” Randy Couture has a desire to fight Mirko Crocop. Randy, whose son Ryan is making his pro-MMA debut on August 13th in Srikeforce, was quoted by “a source very close to the veteran fighter” at Xtreme Couture as saying:

“I can almost guarantee that he would gladly take that fight. I know it’s one that he was all for two years ago. I think he’d rather fight a contender at 205 but that he’d never shy away from a high profile fight like that,” the source told us.

Guess nobody told Randy that he said that! Earlier today, Randy Couture updated his twitter denying those comments, simply stating, “Whats all this cro cop talk ? Ive made no comments on cro cop . I have a ton of respect for him but us fighting is kind of old news!”

In other words, this alleged source really did not talk to Randy at all. Go credited news sources for not checking who your source really is! Lesson learned, if you don’t hear it from the horse’s mouth, that horse probably didn’t say it. Aside from that, i have always wanted to see Randy VS Crocop, but it seems one half of that equation is uninterested. So, let’s play pretend! If Randy and Crocop finally met in mortal combat inside the octagon, who would win and how?

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