Fight Nerd Vlog: M-1 Global Selection Americas 3

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It’s time to take a little ride with The Fight Nerd as he journeys once more to the far away land of Atlantic City, New Jersey, to check out the third installment of the M-1 Global Selection Americas series! Joined by Peter Lampasona of, we trek from Queens, NY to the Jersey shore to see some fights and try to meet Fedor!

We also catch up with pro-fighter Tom Gallicchio, Zack Lynch from and Paul Miles from, who we document his historic meeting with “The Last Emperor.” After the fights, we break down the event with Peter and Paul and then discuss UFC 117… that is, the last few minutes of the main event where Anderson Silva choked out Chael Sonnen with a triangle. Yeah, we missed the whole fight but the end. Either way, still quite awesome.

Don’t forget to check out my photo gallery of the event, which you can see some shots of in the vlog, which includes photos of Tom Gallicchio, Aaron Meisner, Pat Bennett, Medhi Hassan, Tyson Jeffries, Kenny Garner, Shane Primm, Mike Guerin and more.

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