Dave Batista wants to fight in 2011

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First came the football players. Then the over-the-hill boxers. Now, the pro wrestlers are invading MMA with ruthless aggression (hoping Vinny McMahon won’t sue me for using one of his trademarked terms)!

Danny Acosta from Fight! Magazine caught up with former WWE champion Dave Batista to discuss the jump into professional mixed martial arts, specifically why he would do that in the first place! On what his greatest asset is in transitioning to MMA, Dave says, “If there is one requirement in pro wrestling, it’s durability, and I am as durable as they come.” In other words, his strong suit will be taking a beating? Truly a plan for success.

Batista, who is training at Cesar Gracie’s Academy, also talks about becoming a legit fighter, on-going negotiations with Strikeforce, and the possibility of training with other pro wrestlers who leapt into MMA. It is good to hear Batista is taking this very seriously and I look forward to seeing what he can do once the time comes to close the cage door. In the meantime, who would be your ideal opponent to see what Batista is made out of?

Via Fight! Magazine

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