Marcus Davis doodle for “Rattling the Cage”

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The sketch blog returns – now with no more of that numbering system. Seriously, the last day I was up to was day 18 and that was months ago. The only way I knew this was the nineteenth drawing was checking the blog. Anyway, here is a drawing of “The Irish Hand Grenade” or sometimes “The Celtic Warrior” depending on what continent he is on, Marcus Davis.

This drawing was done for “Rattling the Cage,” an interview series by Anthony Reid of Reid Fight Wear, for TapouT Magazine (AKA the magazine you should be reading every month supplemented by MMA Worldwide magazine since I write columns for both). Each issue, Tony interviews a fighter in his unique way and has an artist draw a representation of them, and for now I have taken over that role.

If you want to see more of my drawings, you can click on the lovely animated banner on the sidebar or just click this link here instead. Head to for more from Anthony Reid! And don’t forget to buy the latest issue of TapouT magazine! Enough shameless plugs, go read some other stuff on my site now.

2 Comments on Marcus Davis doodle for “Rattling the Cage”

  1. These are awesome, man. I like your style. It would be cool if you could post the pic that you use as a reference too. Only so I can learn how to draw better. That would be sweet.

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