Georges St. Pierre gets his magic on with Criss Angel

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Emperor of the UFC Welterweight division, Georges St. Pierre, is a happy, go-lucky dude. It makes perfect sense that he would appear on a magic show then, in this case, “Mind Freak” with the freaky Criss Angel.

For his first trick, Criss Angel tries to beat GSP’s score at a punching machine that measures… well, they don’t quite say what it measures exactly and it is just a video game. Nonetheless, Angel manages to beat the Canadian’s score, making GSP cry out, “‘Oly sh*t!” To be fair, Angel steps forward while GSP did not (cheating magician!). To make him feel better, Angel says he beat Quinton Jackson by 50 points. Truly a sad time to be Rampage.

After humiliating the weak striking prowess of the Canadian star of the upcoming “The Striking Truth” documentary, Angel gets to the real magic (is that an oxymoron?) and offers St. Pierre to pick a word at random from a random pile of books. Can Criss Angel read the champs mind? Probably, since it’s his TV show. Watch the vid to see how it turns out!

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