BJ Penn hopeful that James Toney will do well against Couture at UFC 118

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Boxing VS MMA has been a debate raging on for years between the two combat sports. We almost had an answer in the form of Din Thomas VS Ricardo Mayorga earlier this year, but unfortunately Don King (and the executives at Shine Fights) had another thing to say about that match happening. Enter James Toney, a portly former heavyweight champ who has gone against some of the best in boxing. After harassing Dana White for months, Toney got his contract in the UFC and his first fight against a little fighter named Randy Couture.

The time to put up or shut up is only days away, and Toney has been running his mouth for months leading into this match that some believe is a turf war between the two sports. At the UFC 118 press call earlier this week, BJ Penn, who will be attempting to reclaim his UFC lightweight championship from New Jersey native Frankie Edgar, offered his thoughts on the situation.

“I really would like to see Toney do good. It only helps the sport. If Randy goes in there and runs over Toney in five seconds … that doesn’t do anything.” Penn continued, “I look for what tries to build this sport, what tries to put more fans in the seat. More fans in the seats is more money in our pockets. I would like to see Toney go out there and do good.”

When asked about the trash talk coming from Toney, Penn responded, “People get confused. People think all this hype and they think all these things. You think Chael Sonnen is serious when he says all these things? Think Toney is serious when he says this stuff? They are hyping up the fight and doing their job. I would like to see Toney go out there and do something.”

Just to be clear, this does not necessarily mean that Penn wants to see Toney win, but he does want to see that Toney took this seriously and that it helps the sport grow by bringing in news fans and to turn skeptics from both sports into believers. The question at hand now is how Toney will perform against Couture, and we just have to wait a few more days for all of these dilemmas to be resolved! What do you think will happen this weekend in Toney VS Couture, and Penn VS Edgar while we are on the subject?

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