Profile on a scary Russian fighter: Magomed Sultanakhmedov

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I can not tell you which one is more daunting, get in the ring with him or trying to pronounce his name. Both are tough, but I suppose fighting against him could be more lethal. Magomed Sultanakhmedov will be making his American debut at the fourth M-1 Global selection show on September 18 against an opponent soon to be named, and he looks to leave a mark on this foreign soil.

Sultanakhmedov, who is awesomely nicknamed “The White Wolf,” was one of the most experienced fighters in the whole European tournament and last defeated Alexei Belyaev in Moscow, Russia on July 22 by TKO in round 2 to earn his spot in the middleweight division of the European selection finals. With a background in traditional Karate and kick-boxing, as well as a veteran tournament participant for M-1, Dream and K-1 Hero ’s (and also, he fought Alexey Oleinik of YAMMA fame). He brings a record of 14 wins and 4 losses with him, 8 of those victories coming by TKO. Many have compared his style to Mirko Cro Cop — a great left-handed fighter with good defense and deadly kicks, although I would have to say that Sultanakhmedov is much more well-rounded than the Croatian.

At the end of last year’s championship M-1 Selection Russia , he won by TKO Dmitry Samoilov and together with his club won the title of champions of Russia. In the quarterfinals of this tournament Magomed completely cemented himself as a star of M-1 fighter by defeating the hard-hitting Pavel Kusch, which you can watch after the jump, by a stunning knockout early in the third round.

Tyson Jeffries and Mike Geurin will be meeting on September 18 to decide who will eventually face Sultanakhmedov once the team events begin. The scary thing is he is just slightly older than me, which means this fighter has plenty of room to continue to grow and improve, so New Jersey better beware, if they thought they had wildlife problems before, now they have to deal with “The White Wolf!”

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