Damon Lau of Round 5 toys at the Boston UFC Fan Expo

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Damon Lau, owner of Round 5 MMA action figures, talks with The Fight Nerd about the latest products coming on shelves from Round 5, including more figures from their next wave of UFC Collector series which includes Dana White, Brock Lesnar and Royce Gracie, plus the debut of their two-packs, as well as Pride FC variations and the UFC Fan expo exclusive three-pack with brand spanking new Bruce Buffer figure. We also discuss whether the company will return to fighters outside of the UFC and what other surprises we can expect to see later this year and next.

1 Comment on Damon Lau of Round 5 toys at the Boston UFC Fan Expo

  1. I have always liked the idea of the round 5 figures, but damn literally NONE of the figures look like the fighters.

    Who wants to own figures that are supposed to look like fighters.. and dont? I don’t get it.

    Also, thats all Buffer needs to inflate his already behemoth ego.

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