Paris Hilton trains MMA with Gabe Ruediger

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Kim Couture better start brushing up on her stand-up as it looks like a new competitor is arriving the field of women’s MMA! Maybe I am giving her too much credit, but Paris Hilton, famous for… hmm, I will have to get back to you on that one. But anyway, Paris Hilton was caught by a paparazzi working her kickboxing skills with Gabe Ruediger. If this footage is any indication of Gabe’s training regimen, it’s no wonder he got tooled by Joe Lauzon at UFC 118. JK Gabe, LOL, as Paris might text his blackberry after her workouts. My favorite bit is her prancing thrust kick at 46 seconds in, that’s some serious power!

In an interview with, Gabe explained that he got hooked up with Hilton through mutual friends who said that Paris was looking for someone to teach her self-defense, so naturally Gabe leapt at the chance. “People told me in advance that there was going to be a lot of media involved,” Gabe said, “There was paparazzi there… I didn’t think anyone would care about Paris hitting pads, but apparently people are concerned about what Paris does.” When asked if he thought Paris was pretty, Gabe responded, ” I didn’t think she was that pretty… she’s not really my type.”

The video you saw is the only private lesson that the pair has done thus far, mainly since she was extremely busy. According to the interview, the hour-long session was cut down to 15 minutes due to her having to answer many business related calls and she was also 30 minutes late to start with. Hilton definitely has some things to improve on, like her distance, power, technique, and general ability to throw a strike. Once she gets that down though, watch out for her to be the next Women’s 65 lbs. champ!

Hit the jump to see the full interview with Gabe Ruedier explaining how him and Paris ended up working together!


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