Caption Contest – Win a Signed Fedor poster!

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I am a perennial hoarder of all things MMA, be they IFL jerseys or YAMMA Pit Fighting posters, and it is time to start sharing the wealth!

Courtesy of the fine folks at M-1 Global, I have in my possession a signed 11 x 17 poster of Fedor Emelianeko (and when I say signed, I mean he signed it, not me, I am worth more). The photo you see above, which was part of my huge photo gallery from M-1 Global’s Selection Americas 3 show, is of Fedor’s visit to their last M-1 Global Show. Fedor only stuck around for two fights but his presence was surely felt by those in attendance.

So the contest is this – caption that photo! Truly, one of the easiest contests, but at the same time most difficult. The contest begins NOW and ends on September 18 at 11:59 PM EST, which is the same day as M-1 Global Selection Americas 4. This will be M-1’s last show in America for awhile and will determine who will advance to the next part of the M-1 Global team challenge. I have enjoyed their previous shows, which you can see from my last vlog, and if you are in Jersey on that night, definitely check it out!

To enter the contest, e-mail me your caption at You can enter as many times as you want, just keep your entries in one email (if you send me more than one email, I will only count the first one). You can also post your entry here for the rest of the world to enjoy your brilliance, but the only way for it to count is to e-mail me. Runners-up will also receive goodies, including M-1 t-shirts and gear, so it never hurts to give it a try! You have your orders, Autobots, now transform and roll out!

2 Comments on Caption Contest – Win a Signed Fedor poster!

  1. “Hey Fedor, you want to go get a ice cream cone? Its on me” says random man
    (Fedor thinks HRRMMM I think I watched enough, Im OUT!)
    “Yes, but first I must find a coat it is way to cold out there”, fedor says stoicly.
    “O don’t worry about a coat, Ive got a sweater you could wear.”Says the random man excitedly
    When The man and fedor got to his car there was an all powerfull sweatshirt, that Fedor would rock until the end. Fedor eclaims “I must have this Sweater what do you wish for it?”
    “You can have it”, says the random man.
    When they got to the ice cream shop, fedor asks “how will I ever repay you for such a sweater?!? I cant take this without repayment”
    The Random man said, “here let me take a picture with you in it and you can sign it for me in return for the sweater.” While handing Fedor his cone
    Fedor couldnt hold back his joy, he got an ice cream cone and an all powerful sweater. The random man says here hold my cone so I can take the picture. For the first time in his life Fedor smiled. Snap, and it was forever caught in history A FEDOR SMILE!

    So theres your story for a caption it would have to be “The man who made Fedor smile” (lol, couldnt think of anything for a funny caption alone)

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