EA Sports MMA to have iPhone version

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Coming in October, EA will be finally releasing their EA Sports MMA video game on PS3 and Xbox 360. However, something has been flying under the radar and is a nice little surprise to a select group of hardcore fans who like pixelated ground and pound on the go!

Revealed on EA’s facebook page, the company is preparing a pocket-sized version of their MMA video game to be released at an undisclosed date. We can assume the release will not be too far out from the publication of their next-gen console version of the game, but we will update you once we know.

Details are sparse about this version but from the pictures on the facebook page, we can tell that there is a create-a-fighter mode as well as just normal play mode. How the game plays is also an unknown factor at this time, such as how you control your fighter since MMA can not be the easiest thing to manipulate on something as limited as an iPhone. Anyone plan on getting this for their iPhone and how do you think this game will play to begin with?

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